Future of Beo.ie depends on public response

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The public have an opportunity to help decide the future of the world’s first and longest-running online magazine in the Irish language, Beo.ie. Publisher Oideas Gael is asking readers to cast their vote in an online poll that poses the question “Would you be happy to pay €25 per year to enjoy a new, independent Beo.ie?”. If you read Beo.ie, or have a view as regards the magazine’s future, it is vitally important that you express your opinion here.

A recent decision to withdraw State funding from Beo.ie has been recognised as a major cause for concern in light of the magazine’s unparalleled success in fostering a large, vibrant international community of readers and in providing over 3,000 high-quality articles over the course of 159 monthly editions since 2001. Oideas Gael is very proud of what Beo.ie has achieved to date and seeks to secure a future for this hugely successful magazine. It is necessary, however, to first establish public support for a new funding model.

Over the past six months Beo.ie has seen 6-7,000 unique users and almost 30,000 pageviews on a monthly basis. The site received 106,969 hits last year, 3,000 more than in 2012. Approximately 70% of the site’s users come from Ireland with the remaining 30% located in countries across the globe. Over a thirteen-year period Beo.ie has succeeded in establishing a first-class cohort of writers. Articles published on the website are also used in a huge quantity of postprimary schools, third level institutions, and adult Irish language classes in Ireland and around the world. The magazine is noted for providing a unique forum for Irish speakers abroad and members of the Irish diaspora around the world to take an active part in a global conversation.

You can cast your vote on the homepage at www.beo.ie. Oideas Gael also welcomes views and proposals from the public at feachtas@beo.ie.


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